Spec Manager


Spec Manager software sets up and compares various vehicle specifications to fine tune drivelines saving time and money.

This fun and simple-to-use tool can help you determine what driveline specifications fit your needs. With Spec Manager, a service person can troubleshoot a low power problem. Simply choose engine, vehicle, transmission, tires, and rear axle ratio and Spec Manager will determine the vehicle's fuel economy and operating performance. Spec Manager can even predict the number of shifts to be made on a trip and the fuel economy before purchasing a truck. Develop and troubleshoot tailor-made truck specifications for your customers with this easy-to-use vehicle specification software.

Install Instructions:

  1. Uninstall any previous versions of Spec Manager via Add/Remove programs located in your Control Panel. 
  2. Single click the link below to begin the download procedure.
  3. Locate the file named 'SpecmanInstaller6_0_1.msi' and double-click the icon. 
  4. The Spec Manager Installation Wizard will Start. Follow the directions as described.
  5. After the installation is completed it is recommended that you reboot your PC.


User ID: (Select a name)

Password: ddc


File Name   

File Size

Spec Manager 6.0.1   

 5.2 MB


Now includes:

  • Gen 5 DD15 Engines (2021)
  • Euro V MBE900 Engines
  • DT12 on-highway with new naming conventions
  • DT12 vocational variants
  • Eaton Endurant transmissions - these will be listed under manufacturer ‘Eaton’ (legacy product will remain under ‘Fuller’)
  • New Mexico Route Files