Lubricants / Fuels / Coolants

Oil fill capacities are documented in the Engine Operator Manual.

For pricing, service and availability please check with your local service location.
If there are any questions or comments regarding these specifications, please direct them to:

Detroit Biofuel/Biodiesel Position Statement (link)

Detroit Renewable Diesel Position Statement (link)

New  Engine Oil Categories Training – Transition from CJ-4 (PC-10) to CK-4 & FA-4 (PC-11)

Below is a presentation that reviews the new engine oil categories, API FA-4 and API CK-4, in addition to reviewing new Detroit Fluid Specifications and oil drain intervals. For the most updated/detailed copy of the oil drain intervals, please go to DDC-SVC-BRO-0001.

 - Link to PDF “New_Engine_Oil_Training_API_FA-4_&_API_CK-4.pdf” 


If you have any questions on DTNA manuals please contact